As a seasoned, results-oriented leader with more than 30 years of successful business management experience in the areas of customer service, education and transportation, I have demonstrated competency in organizational development, public relations, human resources, political consulting, customer relations, training and administrative services.


I consistently apply “the 7 C’s of Leadership” comprehensively throughout all facets of my interactions on all levels and in any endeavor I have undertaken, they have been vital to my success.  


Character is a combination of mental and ethical traits and behaviors that distinguish me and possessing good character is essential to my success as a leader.  If my character is flawed, it is virtually impossible to be a good leader.  Possessing good character, I am compelled to be clear, confident and ethical in my choices, rather than following others or making rash or unethical decisions to get ahead. My character is one that realizes that serving the needs of the broader community is far more important than my personal desires or ego.


I am very open and frank with my commitment, and am willing to devote my time and energy into projects, causes and people I believe in. A firm decision or promise made by me is one you can bank on. The ability to inspire commitment in team begins with a committed leader. Developing a team of committed professionals, with the ability to balance what they want with what they are capable of achieving, is integral to the success of any undertaking. I am proud to have led and developed committed teams whose productivity has soared, who met and even exceeded my expectations. The most important aspect of a committed team is the customer receives an exemplary customer experience; in this case the customer is the voters.


Capacity is interchangeable with aptitude, skill or ability to produce or perform to a certain standard. Consistently building my skills throughout the years, I am a certified Six Sigma Yellow Belt and Green Belt apprentice. Developing and broadening my capacity to lead and manage people and budgets has served to make me a highly competent leader, human resource and customer service professional. Building capacity within a team purposefully minimizes an over-reliance on outside experts as sources of knowledge, resources, and solutions to community issues.


By my definition, compassion is empathy and caring in action. It is being conscious of another’s distress and having the desire and ability to alleviate it. Compassion is not feeling sorry for someone. Having compassion for the plight of others serves to make me a solutions-driven and inspirational leader.


Effective workplace communication is imperative for successful outcomes. The bottom line is that good communication isn’t just about being able to more accurately and concisely present information and ideas. It is also not just about mitigating conflict or creating a more positive team environment. Communication is vital in developing a positive company culture and dedicated teams, shepherding excellent client relationships and employee engagement, and fostering buy-in and innovative thought. I am a highly effective communicator with individuals of all walks of life.


Maintaining clarity between management and employees can sustain an organization, eliminate misunderstandings and, in many cases, boosts employee morale and curtails frequent turnover.  Clarity enables an organization to recruit and attract good talent, and assists in building a viable and stable team that understands the organization’s mission, vision and goals. In my experience, when roles, salaries and expectations are clearly defined, the result will cement a winning team comprised of committed and effective employees and employers. .


A workplace environment that values consistency benefits everyone and ultimately, eliminates chaos. I’ve learned that when policies, practices and procedures are consistent with the mission and vision of an organization, it breeds stability. Consistency is the difference between success and failure.  Consistency in thought, word and deed ensures that my team can come to work knowing that they will always be treated fairly and with respect.


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